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P65 with Aluminum Bucket


65qt. Pull Cooler

Made of fiberglass, polyurethane foam insulation, white gel-coated finish inside-out, push button latch, three stainless steel slides.



  • New! Fiberglass Gel-Coated Drawer with Drain/Plug (Non-Removable)

  • Aluminum Bucket with Handles and Drain/Plug. (Removable)

  • Flange

  • Custom Gel-Coat Colors 

  • T-Nuts and Bolts Installed

  • Custom Slide

  • Cushion


Note. 5 to 6 weeks turnaround.

P65 with Flange & Aluminum Bucket


One in Stock!

P65 - Aluminum Bucket - Slide - Cushion Combo

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Aluminum Bucket

Drain & Plug

T-Nuts & Bolt